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Dynamics CRM Tools: Advanced Find Search: Where is this damn N:N relationship???

Did you ever have this feeling that something should behave in a way and you can’t figure out why this does not…?

I faced this feeling recently regarding the advanced find search. Here is the scenario: I created a N:N relationship between the account entity and a custom entity called Technology. As this relationship was just a “technical” one, I decided to hide left hand menu for this relationship. Below screenshots were taken for entity “test”.

“Ne pas afficher” means “Do not display”

When I then needed to perform an advanced find search on account related to a specific technology, I wasn’t able to select the N:N relationship in the list of relationships. I even thought that it was perhaps a normal behavior for N:N relationships (yeah, I know, that”s dumb, but I do not required N:N relationship for queries so often).

We can’t see “test” entity

Well, in fact, the solution was pretty simple, even if this is not mentioned anywhere: You have to keep the left hand menu of the relationship displayed to be able to use it in advanced find.

“Nom au pluriel” means “Plural name”, and we can now see “test” entity

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