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Dynamics 365: Business Edition VS Enterprise Edition + Цены!
Dynamics 365 is one of the most searched ERP solutions to date as it as available for use from any device anywhere. But the names can be confusing. What is Dynamics 365?
Acquisition Cost of the Business Edition VS the Enterprise Edition
Dynamics 365 is based on light-user and full-user subscription models. You are advised to choose the first price model for your employees if your employee complete light tasks or consume less data. This may include updating your company’s HR records or time and expense entries.

Dynamics 365 Business Edition Pricing
When you choose Dynamics 365 Business Edition for your business, you must pay a subscription fee of 40 dollars per month for every user. The light users monthly fee is $5, not 40. Note: Even though the software is less expensive than the enterprise edition since the functionality is not as robust, your business might require add on features. These additional features implementation and monthly cost could be just as much as Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance.
You will not be restricted to a minimum user count when you purchase Dynamics 365 Business Edition software; however, the software helps companies more if they have over 20 users. The limit on users has a threshold of 250 team members.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Pricing
Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance has a more intricate pricing model. The individual app can be purchased in the cloud, in a hybrid application, or on-premise. As of May 2017, the pricing starts at $190 per named user. The Enterprise Edition gives your company CRM plus ERP and starts at $210 per month.
And for team members who need read access only and lite access, the price is $8 per month, not in addition to $190 or $210.
May 15, 2017
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