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stoneridgesoftware: Why You Should Consider Upgrading from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

There are several things to consider when thinkingabout upgrading from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.Initially, you may wonder why you need to upgrade at all. In order to answerthat question, it’s important to recognize the key differences betweensolutions like Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations compared to Dynamics AX.

Dynamics 365 Finance andOperations takes the functionality and features of Dynamics AX and builds uponthem to truly make Finance and Operations the enterprise system of the 21stcentury.

While AX is primarily a desktop application with a large infrastructure footprint, Finance and Operations is a complete web and cloud-based solution that can be accessed anywhere, on any device. D365 Finance and Operations offers:
  • Web-based log-in
  • New, user-friendly interface
  • More integrations
  • Automated no-fee updates
  • Additional flexibility
  • Improved searches
  • Increased Excel integration
  • LinkedIn integration
Finance and Operationsalso has very tight integrations to allthe D365 family products such as Sales, Marketing, Service, Office, Excel and more.These integrations allow you to access end-to-end information in one singleenterprise system. This allows users to unlock data from a number of differentsources. Many of these tools were not available in AX and will give users abetter understanding of their current business situation and projections intothe future.

Because Finance andOperations is cloud-based, updatesare scheduled frequently, with major updates happening twice a year. This meansthere’s no need to wait for new versions to be released to get the latestfeatures and updates. New development and fixes are rolled out frequently forD365 and all you need to do is accept them and you’re off.

There is a lot more flexibility as well. The D365 newlicensing model now means users can save money on user and device licenses thatwill improve flexibility. Role Centers has been replaced now with Workspacesand this allows multiple aspects and features of D365 to be used simultaneouslyvia a customized dashboard. The workspace simplifies the user experience and ithelps to make new and inexperienced users much more productive.

Additionally, the search capabilities within the systemhave been improved, making it much easier to find information no matter whereit is in the system. The robust integration to Excel, enables bi-directionaldata exporting and importing from Finance and Operations to Excel.

Perhaps one of the most valuable additions to Finance and Operations is PowerBI. With PowerBI, it’s possible to create and embed highly intuitive business reports and visualizations into the D365 interface. This allows users to unlock, and leverage, important data and generate reports instantly.

Additionally, thereare numerous apps available that integrate with Finance and Operations offeringfeatures like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These appsallow you to make better decisions when it matters.

One of our favorite newfeatures in Finance and Operations is the taskrecorder. This has changed the user experience very dramatically and allowspeople to really appreciate what the product can do. The task recorder capturesfields and walks the user through role-specific processes step-by-step. This isa great way to train users and complete repeatable tasks the same way eachtime.

Another new tool is custom extensions. This allows you to extendthe product by developing solutions on top of D365 without impacting the corecode of the application. This means adding functionality is much easier andwon’t hamper any future upgrades to the core code. Your internal developers candevelop these extensions, or you can talk to the Stoneridge Software team forassistance.

The common data service is also new to theapplication and one that we were excited to see because historically we’ve hadto use additional software to integrate across different platforms. Common DataService allows you to manage and store data in the apps that you’ve developed andmoves this data back and forth in a seamless manner.

I hope this blog has helped you understand why upgrading is beneficial and appreciate some of the capabilities available with an upgrade. Please feel free reach out if you have any questions about why an upgrade from Dynamics AX to D365 for Finance and Operations might be useful for your business.

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