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powerobjects: Top 5 Ways to Save Money with Dynamics 365 Training

Education is one of PowerObjects’ four pillars for a reason. We believe that if we’re going to provide service for a product that touches every part of your business, we owe it to you to have training that allows your company to understand the product. That’s why PowerObjects remains one of the only Microsoft Partners for Dynamics 365 to provide educational services. In fact, on more than one occasion, we’ve seen competitors refer clients to us for training because they recognized the value of education but couldn’t provide it. That said, here are the top five ways spending money on training for Dynamics 365 will actually save money.

  1. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel. Training is critical to ensuring users know how to use the new system you’re investing in. However, it’s not just about training; it’s about the right training.  That’s why we offer Prepare to Train courses. This course is designed to create resources within your business who understand not only the Dynamics 365 environment, but also know the best practices for end-user training so your company can make the most of your investment. This trainings value comes in the form of improved soft skills so your trainers can better connect with the people they’re training. Furthermore, we’ve designed countless training sessions, so our team of trainers already know what works and what doesn’t. This sort of training saves training development time, as well as training time through efficient practices – that saves money.

    Recommended Training: Prepare to Train

  1. Save your project from scope creep. At PowerObjects, we often recommend your key stakeholders attend a Boot Camp early into the project planning phase. This is no mistake.  Your team may or may not understand the project and it’s capabilities, but when upgrading and transitioning to a new software, it’s important your team knows what it can do before we start to build it. Otherwise, when your team learns of capabilities later in the project, it leads to new project requests which can cause project scope creep which increases project hours. Save money by starting with Boot Camp.

    Recommended Training:
    Boot Camp

  1. Maximize your Dynamics 365 environment for your needs. Dynamics 365 can do so much, but your developers don’t always have time. Investing in Citizen Developer training will teach your CRM Administrators how to build out and customize parts of your environment without code. With the cost of developer dollars these days, this will save your business some serious dough!

    Recommended Training:
    Citizen Developer

  1. Accurate reporting. You’ve been using your Dynamics 365 training to encourage active use by end users, but do you know how to use the data they’ve created to further your business needs? This is where Business Intelligence Wizard comes into play. By training the correct resources in advanced reporting methods through Dynamics 365, you’re likely to see efficiencies and areas which can be improved across your company. This kind of reporting tells you exactly what to keep and what to change to ensure your company is making smart business decisions each and every day.

    Recommended Training:
    Business Intelligence Wizard

  1. User Adoption. This will pretty much always be the most important reason to invest in Dynamics 365 training services. Failed user adoption is one of the leading causes of failed implementation and upgrade projects. You can spend all you want custom building your very own luxury car. It may drive perfectly, but if you give the keys to a ten-year-old and tell them to drive, it’s probably going to crash and burn. Why? They don’t know how to use it! Dynamics 365 training is vital for this same reason: if everyone from admin, to developer, to end user knows how they’re expected to use Dynamics 365, you’ll see success. If they don’t, they won’t. That’s why we offer custom training plans for any business with our Learning Consultants and Change Management training services for Dynamics 365.

    Recommended Training:
    Custom Project-Based Training

Have questions about training services for Dynamics 365? Contact us!

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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