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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1094: It is Time to Go with the Flow

Microsoft is making lots of noise of late about the soon to be released Spring Release. One of the key takeaways from those announcements is that PowerApps and Flow are a key element of the future for app development in Dynamics (Canvas Apps, as they call them). If you still think PowerApps and Flow are the playthings of non-developers to do things poorly until a ‘real’ developer arrives, you are holding yourself back from a world of opportunity and it is time to embrace the new.

Of course, at TOTD we have encouraged you to embrace PowerApps and Flow before but here I will drill down into how Flow works, especially in regards to Dynamics 365.

First of all, you can go to and sign up for a free trial account. Once you have done this you can look at the sample templates but there is not a huge amount for Dynamics 365 so I say jump straight in and build your own. You will need a Trigger (similar to the triggers used to run workflows in Dynamics 365) and, once triggered, you will need the Flow to do something via Actions (just like steps in a workflow).

The triggers we have are at the record level and are:
  • OnCreate
  • OnDelete
  • OnUpdate
While we can make all sorts of apps do something via an Action, for Dynamics 365, we can:
  • Create a record
  • Delete a record
  • Retrieve a record
  • Retrieve multiple records
  • Update a record
We can also run Flows on demand via the mobile Flow app and, unlike workflows, we can schedule Flows to run regularly at a specific time. There really is a lot of power here waiting to be unleashed.

If you are familiar with creating workflows, none of this should look too difficult and I assure you making the leap to Flows will not be a large one.

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