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Старый 15.02.2019, 00:47   #1  
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Post D365FO Platform Update 24 (7.0.xxxx) Issue 287129 bug fixes
Дата выпуска еще не определена (пока что обновление доступно лишь некоторым клиентам)
Список исправлений:
  • Issue 252831 Data Integration
    Unable to export double byte characters with code page 932
  • Issue 241167 Data Management
    Data Management: Job history has status “Success” even though some staging records are still pending (or) It says partially succeeded when all records have been successfully transferred to target
  • Issue 275442 Data Management
    Cannot import Excel sheet if column names are in non-English language
  • Issue 240629 Data Management
    Unable to mapping array on data entity if the EDT extend a non-array EDT
  • Issue 180888 Data Management
    Changes on Data Entity “Tags” property via extension doesn't take effect as expected
  • Issue 231923 Data Management
    Under certain circumstances, certain delete operations do not get synced to BYOD
  • Issue 231753 Data Management
    SELECT query generated by DMFEntityWriter::processRecords can result in a cartesian product
  • Issue 226883 Data Management
    DMF: Options “fail batch on error for execution unit” and “fail batch on error for level” don't seem to work for export projects
  • Issue 278369 Data Management
    SkipStaging setting is always 'NO' in data management telemetry
  • Issue 263228 Data Management
    Unable to download file through recurring integrations when using multiple entities and the switch “prevent upload of when zero records”
  • Issue 265164 Data Management
    Simultaneous calls to ExportToPackage even across different data projects, returns the same executionId
  • Issue 276197 Intelligence
    Collate Print Management Option is not retained.
  • Issue 248905 Intelligence
    Client Alert Rules are not working as expected for tracking changes to 'Cases'
  • Issue 273179 Intelligence
    Purpose field is not available when emailing the client for a collection letter
  • Issue 280481 Intelligence
    “The method or operation is not implemented.” error trying to customize InventTransferShip report
  • Issue 273999 Office Integration
    Export to Excel: if you check all the records on a form and export the data to Excel then you get one row less than if you do the same without checking all records on the form
  • Issue 269569 Organization administration
    When routing invoice journal workflow based on Invoice journal dimension, only first line's dimension is accounted for.
  • Issue 172579 Organization administration
    Menu bar missing from 'Status for number sequences' form <NumberSequenceList form>
  • Issue 267787 Organization administration
    Information Technology Manager Role cannot add/remove number sequence references from Number sequences form
  • Issue 260265 Organization administration
    Accounts receivable parameters are not showing all number sequences in CS language
  • Issue 263306 Organization administration
    Expense policy rules are not saved when two fields are being compared
  • Issue 173933 Performance
    Performance timer does not show [Server calls] and [Server performance counters] values on Production and UAT Environments
  • Issue 281332 Runtime
    Consistency check may not run sub-modules when selecting both parent and child checks
  • Issue 181627 Runtime
    Unable to filter on datetime fields using (day()) function when date, time & number format is set to fr-be language
  • Issue 272069 Runtime
    Dynamics is Adjusting DST for Uruguay time zone (Montevideo) when it should not
  • Issue 272693 Runtime
    Consistency check with data error ends with “The menu item with name sysconsistencycheckbase could not be opened.”
  • Issue 268134 System Administration
    Enable “Run automatic role assignment” to run in batch mode
  • Issue 256184 System Administration
    Table ModelSecPolRuntimeEx needs additional indexes added to improve performance
  • Issue 236231 System Administration accounts fail to authenticate
  • Issue 181101 System Administration
    Detect expired tokens prior to use and attempt to get a refreshed token.
  • Issue 257794 User Interface
    Paste text to the HTML control Scroll Issues
  • Issue 266954 User Interface
    Unable to add workspace on Essential Dashboard using personalization feature
  • Issue 268086 User Interface
    NullReference exception in FormControlPersonalization.addField method
  • Issue 239156 User Interface
    Columns become blank when there is personalization on the form
  • Issue 280248 User Interface
    Unable to delete typo duplicate record on list-page
  • Issue 273347 User Interface
    [On premises] Hijri month issue on changing language to Arabic
  • Issue 278400 User Interface
    “An unexpected client error has occurred” on “Adjusted demand forecast” form
  • Issue 279662 User Interface
    Slow performance after changing filters from the Filter Pane on the On-hand list form
  • Issue 279760 User Interface
    Unexpected client error when using the &limitedNav=true URL flag
d365 for operations, d365fo, hotfix


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