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powerobjects: 3 Key Takeaways from Field Service USA 2018

Palm Desert, home to palm trees, Coachella, and the desert sun, is also residence to the annual Field Service USA event, where our PowerObjects team connected with leading field service experts on the latest and greatest industry solutions.

Although the team attempted packing the sunshine to bring back to PO HQ in Minneapolis, they successfully returned home with some key takeaways on topics changing the way companies think about field service:

1. Microsoft Azure IoT

During Field Service USA, our team showcased our Smart House demo. Using a leak sensor and Microsoft Azure IoT central, our team demonstrated the complete connected field service workflow.  After an alert is recognized in Azure, a service alert is sent to Microsoft Dynamics 365. From there, a case is created and reviewed. The case becomes a work order and SLAs are measured. The work order is dispatched from the schedule board and is assigned and accessed by a technician through their mobile device.

This type of connected device is paving the field service industry to think proactively vs. reactively, ultimately saving companies time and money, and enhancing the customer experience.

2. Customer Experience

It probably comes as no surprise that one hot topic this year was improving the customer experience. From interactions and self-service portals, to business strategies and trainings, customer expectations are at the forefront of companies minds as they tie each business process back to the customer. Dynamics 365 provides a platform for businesses to track, analyze, and manage those interactions to provide informed and meaningful experiences for field reps engaging with customers.

3. Digital Transformation

Our team also discussed many trends and challenges at our Toolbox Talk round table. The discussion focused on trends and challenges in a digital transformation journey, specifically those in the manufacturing and hi-tech industry and how other companies are tackling these topics. The big picture for many manufacturers, and really for any industry, is that a successful transformation includes many pieces, processes, and people.

Overall, the team had a great week meeting with clients and prospects and sharing the Dynamics 365 for Field Service story! For more on the Dynamics 365 for Field Service solution, check out our features and benefits here!

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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