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powerobjects: Introducing PowerApproval: Approval Processes Built into Dynamics 365

PowerObjects is proud to announce the newest member of the PowerPack lineup – PowerApproval! This nifty add-on for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement gives users the power to build and run approval processes inside of their Dynamics system. Multi-step approval processes can be easily built and applied to any Dynamics record, and each approval step can be approved by a specific user, a team, the manager of the user who submitted the approval, or anyone else – it depends on your desired process.

The add-on is also easily extendable, so users can set up automated notifications, automated approval kick-off, and additional approval tracking by using Dynamics 365 workflows, charts, dashboards, and more.

As with all PowerObjects PowerPack add-ons, PowerApproval can be imported and tried, free, for 30 days. After you’ve had a chance to give the add-on a try, it can be purchased for $1/user/month. Visit the PowerApproval web page for additional details, and to get started!

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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