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Jose Lorenzo: New MSFT IT Showcase On: How Microsoft Information Technology uses Microsoft Dynamics AX to resolve its business challenges

Microsoft Information Technology (MSIT) supports more than 100,000 employees worldwide by providing key infrastructure and line-of-business (LOB) applications to users and business groups within Microsoft. MSIT works closely with business and product teams throughout Microsoft to better understand their business processes, gather business requirements, and develop technology solutions. At an enterprise company the size of Microsoft, fulfilling this mission often requires extensive planning to ensure that all user groups of a new solution have access to the functionality and training that they need to do their jobs.

As a flexible and extensible application for supporting businesses, Microsoft Dynamics® AX provides the functionality and performance that an IT organization requires to deliver these services to users.

When large company business challenges arise at MSIT—such as the need to support a new business unit, expand services to new remote offices, or replace aging systems that no longer meet the company’s needs—MSIT faces the familiar issue: What type of solution would meet our business needs, and how should we implement the solution with a minimum amount of custom development and employee impact? In many recent cases, for MSIT the answer was to deploy Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Please visit this TechNet Library page for the related Quick Reference Guide.

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Очень интересная заметка о том, как Microsoft сама использует Аксапту:
  • MSExpense 2.0 - manage employee expense reports worldwide, 15,000+ users
  • MS Vendor - a self-service tool used by vendor companies that offer Microsoft products and services, currently in pilot phase in Mexico
  • Order Central - order tracking system, merged multiple legacy billing engines, 150+ users
  • Microsoft Operations Puerto Rico - fully-featured manufacturing planning, order management, inventory, and forecasting, 200 users
  • Microsoft Store - fully-featured retail headquarters solution for 17 Microsoft Store locations, 300 accounts and 600+ employees with POS access
  • IT Finance - end-to-end project planning, timecard management, time reporting for employees, 4,500 users

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