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Старый 17.09.2014, 18:46   #1  
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Никита В.
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Регистрация: 17.09.2014
Адрес: Киев
? Senior Axapta Developer is NEEDED at Infopulse, Kiev
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your time and attention!

Infopulse Ukraine is looking for Seasoned and Fresh MS Dynamics AX Developers in Kiev. We offer full-time, well paid and much interesting position in dynamic and friendly environment.

Our customer is among the top three worldwide leaders in the field of Heavy Lifting. It is a stable, growing and very international organization that counts over 3000 employees worldwide. We offer an exciting, varied and responsible position.

Responsibilities for this position will include (but are not limited to):

· Development of the business requirements in Axapta

· Once the complete development and custom programming is done, focus on the analysis and consult international (internal) customers

· Expand the Axapta system in order to have a better, more accurate and more adequate business support

· Follow up the developments of Axapta and examine whether applications may be useful within the organization

· Set up documentation and guidelines

· Provide trainings and support.

Successful candidates should correspond to the following set of required competencies / skills:

· 2+ years of Dynamics AX development experience

· 2+ years of X++ programming experience

· Knowledge of SAP and/or Navision will be a plus

· Good knowledge in writing, speaking and reading English

· Ability to travel internationally on short business trips

· Good communication and team playing skills, great sense of responsibility

· Higher education and relevant hands on experience in the object oriented software development.

If you are interested in the mentioned above opportunity please contact me without hesitation !

Nikita V.
HR Manager
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Старый 19.09.2014, 10:57   #2  
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Адрес: Москва
AK-47 included ?
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Старый 19.09.2014, 16:35   #3  
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Никита В.
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Регистрация: 17.09.2014
Адрес: Киев
No weapon! but harmony, peace with pinch of love is included
С уважением,
Никита В.
Старый 19.09.2014, 19:19   #4  
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зарплата в гривнах?
Старый 24.09.2014, 14:18   #5  
Никита В. is offline
Никита В.
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Регистрация: 17.09.2014
Адрес: Киев
Зарплата в гривнах, прикреплена к курсу доллара.
С уважением,
Никита В.
Старый 15.10.2014, 14:12   #6  
kvan is offline
Аватар для kvan
Дети Юза
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Адрес: Donetsk
Я наверно совсем плохо знаю английский - ничего не нашел в тексте про зряплату.
С уважением, kvan.
axapta, opportunity, developer, разработчик, microsoft dynamics, microsoft dynamics ax


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