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Старый 06.11.2019, 13:41   #1  
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Sveta Asyka
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D365 QA Team Lead in Kyiv, Ukraine
Our client is looking for a QA Team Leader who will create and lead a D365 Quality Assurance team based in Ukraine.

About the project

This is a fast-growing company which works with enterprise scale Microsoft based ERP, CRM, SCM solutions for many years. The company consists of Microsoft Dynamics technical consultants, engineers and technology leaders. Our client has offices in several locations in the USA and remote employees in European countries. For several years our client has been considering Ukraine as its new location to expand.

  • Recruit and train key resources, setup the QA organization
  • Manage the workload of the QA team
  • Develop policies and procedures in support of the services provided, author SOPs and other related documents and artifacts as required, including test plans and test scripts
  • Coordinate with US-based project teams, including providing input to FDDs and TDDs
  • Provide status reports to company management
  • Manage the development cycle of project-based modifications

The company offers

Great opportunity to grow professionally, collaborate with US clients and work in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Plus:
  • Office 24/7 near Olympiyska metro station
  • Vacation — 20 working days (4 weeks) per year
  • National holidays
  • Team building budget
  • Certification cost coverage
  • Office 365 license
  • Bonus plan for high performing employees

This is a great opportunity for an ambitious QA specialist who is ready for a leadership role and wants to work independently in a friendly and highly professional team.

To apply to this job, please connect with us via

About Talentuch

Talentuch is a professional full service Human Resources (HR) Outsourcing, Advisory and Recruiting organization built on best practices and strong operating procedures supporting IT or technology companies who are expanding or maintaining operations throughout Europe.

We specialize in recruitment for the Microsoft channel: MS Dynamics 365, MS Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azure, and SharePoint.

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