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crminthefield: Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Monthly Update-September 2021

Quick Links: Featured News | Updates and Releases | Additional News | Training Corner | PodcastFeatured News

2021 Release Wave 2 | Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Portal release plan & Change history update link

We’re continuously developing new capabilities to enable your digital transformation. See the Dynamics 365 first party apps, Power Platform and Portal roadmap below.

Important Note: There were some features pushed out of Wave 2 and other minor updates.
Change History Update Link:
Change History Update Link:
  • Power Platform 2021 Wave 2 change history : Some features in Power Platform 2021 Wave 2 have release modified dates
  • Portals 2021 release wave 2 lists features that are planned to release from October 2021 through March 2022 and is focused on enhancements in the areas of portals platform, new capabilities for pro development, and increased developer productivity.
Power Platform: Learn more details and highlights on what’s coming on this page on Dynamics 365 blog and on Microsoft docs page

Portals: Learn more on this page on what’s coming for Portal.

Power Apps | Power Apps October 2021 Release Wave 2 updates | Brief Summary

The Power Apps October release wave 2 makes discovering data much easier and comes with enhanced UI experiences that are modern.

How to try out the Power Apps October 2021 Release Wave 2 updates?
  • Start by opting your environment into the October release wave 2, learn how here.
  • We have a list of the Power Apps early access features here and Dynamics 365 apps early access features here.
Discovering Data

Finding data in Power Apps continues to get easier with every major release.

New Global search

Global search is moved to a prominent place in the header, and it can be found easily on any page in all model-driven apps, consistently. It is powered by Relevance Search, which is now enabled by default for all production environments. The new search is fast, more accurate and more intelligent than ever.

Customizable quick actions

As an extension of new search, customizable quick actions help you find and act on your information with ease and without losing context of your work.

Advanced Lookup

Lookups are a core component of model-driven apps, as they help bring underlying data relationships in Microsoft Dataverse to life. With 2021 release wave 2, model apps have advanced lookup – a set of usability enhancements to help you explore and find that data easily, so you are more productive with data entry tasks.

Power Apps grid

Model-driven apps are first to feature the new Power Apps grid, a new read-only grid control, both inside the view page and inside forms (sub-grids). The new grid control follows Microsoft Accessibility Standard.

Usability Improvements

Accessibility updates

With this release, several accessibility compliances updates have been done for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, including core shell and page support for zoom up to 400%, improved progressive collapse, and keyboard support access.

Sharing Records

Users will experience a new and streamlined Unified Interface experience when sharing rows with other users and teams in a model-driven app. This provides a Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 accessible experience by using modern dialogs and controls.

Bulk Edit

Users can now edit multiple rows quickly by using the Unified Interface dialog experience, which meets all WCAG 2.1 requirements and supports reflow across all viewport sizes. The new experience lets users choose the form most familiar to them or easily switch between forms if needed to edit fields on a record. It’s also supporting mobile experiences.

App-level Panes

Model-driven apps now support the ability to have multiple app-level side panes. This new feature creates a collection of tabs, each with a different pane. Omnichannel for Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Customer Service products have a similar experience of multiple tabs within the single pane. That experience is moving into the app side pane and allowing additional panes to be added.

Modern Experiences

Custom pages

Custom pages in a model-driven app provide flexibility and ease of authoring which are difficult to accomplish within existing model pages. App creation in Power Apps is no longer an upfront decision between the canvas and model. When you start with the model-driven app you can easily add custom pages to take advantage of the power of canvas authoring.

App Designer

It is now easier and faster than ever to get started and build model-driven apps. With just a few clicks, you can get robust, powerful grids and forms on top of Dataverse, and preview your app changes directly in the authoring experience.

Modern Browsers

Power Apps is supporting the latest browsers so you can experience and create apps with the speed you expect in these modern times. We recommend you check out Microsoft Edge if you are running a legacy browser. The legacy custom app is now removed so end users do not get confused when selecting their Model-driven app.

Learn more on this page on Power Apps blog.

Power Apps | Dataverse | Admin features |New Task Based and Overview Videos published for Dataverse and Dataverse for Teams

A new batch of task based, and overview videos have been published for Dataverse and Dataverse for Teams.

These videos offer a helpful starting point for new users and provide some tips and tricks that could benefit existing users.

New topics include:
Check out our Dataverse playlist on YouTube to see all our videos

Learn more on this page of Power Apps blog.

Power Apps | Dataverse | Admin Features |Security and Administration topics added to the Dataverse Task Based and Overview Video Series

We have three new security topics added to our growing list of tasks based and overview videos.

This is a commonly requested area for additional content to help managing users, teams, and roles easier.

Newly added content includes:
Learn more on this page of Power Apps blog.

Power Apps | Admin features | Administer Application Users, Security roles, Teams, and Users in the Power Platform admin center

Power Platform and Dataverse admins can now manage their application users, Security roles, Teams, and Users in the Environment Settings on the Power Platform admin center.

This provides a centralized place for admins to perform all their user management without having to access the Dataverse environment directly.

See the following for details:
Learn more on this page on Power Apps blog

Power Apps | Announcing in-app notifications in model-driven apps | Public Preview

Model-driven apps now can notify users while working within the web or mobile app.
  • You will see all received notifications in a notification center with an indication of new notifications shown on the bell in the header and a new notification count.
  • When new notifications arrive, the badge count is shown on the bell icon in the header.
  • Clicking the bell icon opens the notification center to show latest notifications first.
  • To enable this feature, makers need to opt-in to show the notification center and toasts to users for each model-driven app.
  • Samples of different notifications are in Send in-app notifications within model-driven apps.
  • More information on the end user experience is in In-app notifications in model-driven apps.
  • The feature has rolled out through the public clouds and will soon be available in additional regions.
Learn more on this page on Power Apps blog

Awareness Dynamics 365 & Portals Deprecations | Most recent deprecations with deadlines in 2021 & Impactful 2022 deadlines

Important Changes coming in Dynamics 365 Apps and Power Platform


AUGUST 2021 deprecations and retired/unsupported featuresIE 11 support for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform is deprecated
  • After August 2021, Internet Explorer 11 won't be supported for such Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform products. We recommend that customers transition to Microsoft Edge.
  • This will impact customers who use Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform products that are designed to be used through an Internet Explorer 11 interface.
  • For the complete list of products impacted by this change and transitioning from Internet Explorer 11 to a supported browser, see: FAQ: Internet Explorer 11 deprecation for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform Products.
SEPTEMBER 2021 deprecations and retired/unsupported featuresThe Analyze section, in mobile offline profiles is deprecated
  • Effective September 2021, the Analyze action and the Offline profile report that is used to configure mobile offline profiles is deprecated.
  • The Analyze feature is being removed due to Cross-Site Scripts (XSS) vulnerabilities.
  • The report is used to identify components that aren't available when you are working in offline mode.
  • The capabilities will be re-imagined as part of the ongoing enhancements of the mobile offline configuration experience. There is no action required by you.
  • Reference link on Microsoft docs.
OCTOBER 2021 deprecations and retired/unsupported features

Low-density headers in model-driven apps won't be supported with the 2021 release wave 2
  • With the upcoming 2021 release wave 2 (public preview in August 2021 and GA in October 2021), the low-density header option, and runtime experience won't be supported in model-driven app forms.
  • Refer to the Microsoft docs to understand Why is it needed and Action required.
Form footers in model-driven app won't be supported with the 2021 release wave 2
  • With the upcoming 2021 release wave 2 (public preview in August 2021 and GA in October 2021), form footers won't be supported in a model-driven app form.
  • Refer to the Microsoft docs to understand Why is it needed and Action required.
Important Changes coming in Dynamics 365 Apps and Power Platform



FEBRUARY 2022- Support for Microsoft 365 Groups and Yammer in Dynamics 365 is deprecated
  • Effective February 2022, support for Microsoft 365 Groups (previously known as Office Groups) and Yammer in Dynamics 365 will be deprecated.
  • This will impact customers who use Microsoft 365 Groups and/or Yammer for collaboration in Dynamics 365.
  • We recommend that customers transition to Microsoft Teams for more advanced collaboration functionalities.
  • For information about integrating Dynamics 365 with Teams, see Integrate customer engagement apps in Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams.
  • If you've questions about the deprecation, contact your Microsoft Customer Service representative or Microsoft Partner.

APRIL 2022 – Start notifying customers, partners, and ISV on the upcoming WS-TRUST\OrganizationServiceProxy Authentication Type Shutdown in the spring of 2022
  • WS-TRUST\OrganizationServiceProxy Authentication Type deprecation and Shutdown
  • We are doing this to provide better Identity security, authentication support, cross platform support and to enabled future improvements in our overall platform supported product suite.
  • Who is affected?
    • This affects you, your customer, or your tools if your connecting to Dataverse\PowerPlatform and:
    • You’re using a version of our SDK Client OLDER then (shipped in April of 2018 )
    • You’re using Office365 Authentication with the CrmServiceClient on ANY version.
    • You’re Using the OrgnaizationServiceProxy directly, either via the CrmServiceClient, or using it directly from the Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.dll
    • This does NOT affect Plugins that run on the Dataverse Server.
  • Requested GO-DO’s
    • If you are in the in the use case above, make plans and fix it now without waiting until close to the deadline.
    • If you are using tools, Partner or ISV provided tools, raise awareness, provide the link HERE which walks though identification and updates required.
  • Details - April 2022 - Effective April 2022, the authentication protocol will be retired for all new and existing environments within a tenant
  • Deprecation of Office365 authentication type and OrganizationServiceProxy class for connecting to Dataverse
APRIL 2022 deprecations and retired/unsupported features
  • Some client APIs are deprecated
  • Deprecated Client API: ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx
  • Replacement Client API: None
  • Comments:
    • The ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx page is deprecated and scheduled to be unavailable after April 1, 2022.
    • Alternative methods to access global context information will be available by December 2021.
    • More information HERE
Important Changes coming in Power Apps Portals

Table permission changes for forms and lists on new portals
  • Starting with release 9.3.7.x, newly created portals will have table permissions enforced for all forms and lists irrespective of the Enable Table Permissions setting.
  • To configure anonymous access explicitly, use proper table permissions, and web role setup instead.
  • More information HERE
SameSite mode changes
  • Starting with portals version 9.3.6.x, makers can mark SameSite mode as Strict for all portal cookies where applicable.
  • With this change, we're adding a new website setting to control the SameSite mode for all cookies, configurable at specific cookie level.
  • Starting October 2021, all newly provisioned portals will have Strict as the Default value instead of None.
  • To learn how to configure site settings for portals, go to Configure site settings for portals.
  • More information HERE
For the full list on deprecations and Important changes coming, bookmark and check out these articles below regularly.

For Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Apps :

Important changes (deprecations) coming in Power Apps, Power Automate, and model-driven apps in Dynamics 365

For Power Apps Portals:

Important changes coming in Power Apps portals

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Updates & Releases

Manage Updates | General availability deployment

General Availability deployment

Dynamics 365 release schedule

Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Release Plans contents to learn more about new features to be released in the release waves. After a release wave is generally available, all environments will be automatically turned on to receive mandatory updates which will enable the early access features and the general available features of a release.

Tips: Stay Informed with Message Center notifications for Dynamics and PowerApps HERE

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Release

For the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 release notes, visit Released Versions of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

Latest service Update:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-premises Updates

For the latest Service Updates for Dynamics 365 on-premise version 8.2, 9.0 and 9.1 visit Service Updates

New release June 2021: Cumulative updates available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.1!
  • Dynamics 365 Server Service Pack 1, version 9.1 ( – June 2021)
  • New service update has been released:
Cumulative updates available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0
Cumulative updates available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 8.2
Portal Version Updates for Microsoft Dynamics 365

A portal consists of the following components Portal Solutions and Portal website Host.

Portal Website Host and Portal Solution: Update Information
  • Portal Website Host are updated automatically to the latest versions. Typically, on a Monthly basis.
  • Portal Solutions are updated by customers.
    • If Portal Solution requires Update, those will be specified and required customer action to do so in Power platform Admin Center. For details, check out instructions on Update the Power Apps Portals Solution on Microsoft docs.
    • We recommend that you update Solution packages during off-peak hours.
    • Solutions in a package are upgraded for an environment. Hence, the selected package will be upgraded for all portals in the environment using the package.
Get notified about new releases
  • To know the release schedule for your specific Portal, check the Office 365 message center (on Microsoft 365 Admin center) for message related to Power Apps Portals release notification which will include the Portal URL and Date.
  • Notifications are sent around 2-5 business days ahead of the release.
  • Each notification provides details of the type of update and the date/time it will be rolled out along with the link to release notes.
  • You might receive more than one O365 message center notification in case you have different regions.
Test Updates Early
  • To test these Updates Early, Opt-in your test or development Portal instance into the Early Upgrade for Portals.
  • Early upgrades are rolled out at least one week before the global rollout of any release.
  • Tips: As you cannot opt-in in the same month, consider your opt-in ahead.
Terminology changes in Power Apps portals
Portal Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Release Updates | Preview features

Release Updates
  • This is the Release updates page where you can learn about the new features that have recently released and new features that will be releasing over the next few months on Power Apps Portal.
2021 Release Wave 1 Plan & 2021 Release Wave 2 Plan
Power Apps Portals | Preview Features

Power Apps portals: Edit portal with Power Platform VS Code Extension (public preview)
  • The VS Code extension for portals adds the capability to configure portals using VS Code and utilize the built-in Liquid language IntelliSense enabling help with code completion, assistance and hinting while customizing portals interface using VS Code.
Preview capabilities

The feature provides the following capabilities during this public preview:
  • Power Apps CLI support from VS Code terminal
  • Portal’s file icon theme
  • Autocomplete support
  • More details on this page of Power Apps blog
Power Apps portals: Introducing Power Virtual Agents integration using “Chatbot” component (public preview)

Power Apps portals allow you to add a Power Virtual Agents chatbot to answer questions posted by a visitor on your portal page. A chatbot (bot) configured with different topics, and trigger phrases, can automatically respond to questions posted by a visitor in a chat conversation.

Preview capabilities

The feature provides the following capabilities during this public preview:
  • Add bot from Dataverse environment
  • Add bot to all pages
  • Add bot to specific pages
  • More details on this page of Power Apps blog
Portals Web API enhancements | Public Preview August 2021
  • Enhance portals Web API by adding support for Microsoft Dataverse custom actions and portal access permission configuration.
  • More details on this page of Power Apps blog.
Support for CI/CD of Power Apps portals configuration using Power Apps CLI | Public Preview April 2021
  • You can now check-in the portal configuration to source control and move portal configuration to any environment using Power Apps CLI. – Optimize ALM approach.
Preview capabilities

The feature provides the following capabilities during this public preview:
  • List all portal websites from the connected Dataverse environment
  • Download portal website content
  • Upload portal website content
  • More details on this page of Power Apps blog.
Power Apps Portals | Start using code components with portals | Preview

We are excited to announce that support for code components within Power Apps portals is now available with portals version 9.3.3.x and package version 9.2.2103.x. as these updates are rolling out.

Preview capabilities

In this release the feature provides support for Field type of code components allowing fields on portal forms to be replaced with code components.
Support for Microsoft Azure Analysis Services live connections and CustomData function | GA April 2021

Makers (Pro Developers) will be able to embed Power BI dashboards and reports utilizing live connection with Azure Analysis Services
  • More details on this page of Power Apps blog.
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Additional News

Dynamics 365 Marketing | Dynamics 365 Marketing Customer Journey orchestration is Generally Available!

We are thrilled to announce that the new real-time customer journey orchestration capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing are now generally available to all businesses, beginning in select regions and rolling out worldwide in the months ahead.
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing is transforming the way both marketers and business users alike can elevate customer experiences, win customers, and earn their loyalty faster through personalized, real-time, customer-led interactions, all on a unified adaptable platform by making every interaction count.
  • Watch this webinar titled Customer Journey Orchestration: Make Every Interaction Count to learn how to frame this modern marketing landscape. It’s a must-see overview that lays the foundation to understanding changing customer expectations and how marketing technology must evolve to meet these needs.
  • We have several customers that are already using these capabilities to elevate experiences for their customers and transform their businesses. Here are some of their stories.
  • Over the next few weeks, there will be a three-part blog series that will give a deeper look into how businesses are already using customer journey orchestration and driving business value.
To learn more, check this page and this other one on Dynamics 365 blog.

Power Apps | Announcing VNet Connectivity for Power Platform Dataflows | Public Preview

Our key focus has been on protecting your data on the Microsoft cloud and ensuring secure and authorized access to this data.
  • While azure virtual networks (VNets) offer network isolation and security for your resources on the Microsoft cloud, this now raises a need for a secure connectivity medium from Power platform to these resources.
  • Earlier this year, we introduced VNet connectivity for Power BI Datasets and we are now excited to announce the public preview of VNet connectivity for Power Platform Dataflows.
  • The new VNet connectivity feature enables secure outbound connectivity from Power Platform dataflows to data sources within your Azure VNet.
  • More information on VNet data gateways, limitations, FAQs see What is a virtual network (VNet) data gateway (Preview) | Microsoft Docs.
  • Do try this feature and continue to send us feedback on how we can improve it but also what new capabilities you’d like to see in the future.
To learn more, check out this page on Power Apps blog

Power Apps | Canvas components can now access App Scope directly

Until now, canvas components have been properly encapsulated and could not access information and resources from the app. Everything needed to be passed into the component through input properties. We did this to make it easier to share components across apps by using a component library. Strict encapsulation ensures maximum sharing.

But sometimes you want to define a component just for this app. You want to reuse a UI widget or create a user defined function as an output property. No need to worry about sharing. And to make it easier to write and maintain, let it share in the app’s scope. We have introduced a new component setting that does exactly this Access app scope.

To learn more, check out this page on Power Apps blog

Power Automate | Power Automate Desktop August 2021 Update

The August 2021 update of Power Automate Desktop has been released! New features and updates have been added, it includes:
  • Actionable connectivity error messages in console and designer
  • Introduction of new Excel related actions
  • Improvement of the action ‘Set screen resolution’
Learn more about the August 2021 Update here on Power Automate blog.

Learn more about Power Automate Desktop in our documentation

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Training and Learning Corner

Power Apps | ProDev | Public Preview | Announcing the public preview for connection references support in Power Platform Build Tools

We are happy to announce the public preview of being able to set connection references and environment variables by providing a deployment settings file. We know a lot of customers having been asking for this capability, so without further ado, Check here the details of this new capability.
  • Connector is the interface used by the Power Platform Application to connect with a data source, and the connection contains the identity or the means with which the connector can get to the data.
  • Connection reference is a value that binds together the connector and connection details with a given application that needs to move from a source environment to a target environment.
  • This experience is straight forward in the interactive UI, and we were asked by customers like yourselves to provide such a capability or something like use with automated pipelines. Well, are now one step closer to providing such a capability via the CI/CD.
  • To be clear the public preview capability does not create the connection id in the target environment, it must be manually created, once the values are in the file, then the CI/CD pipeline can proceed as normal with the solution deployment.
Learn more on this page of Power Apps blog.

Power Apps | ProDev | Writing Power Fx formulas with natural language | Public Preview

With the announcement at this year’s Build conference, you may have already heard about Power Apps Ideas, an AI-powered assistance to help anyone create apps using natural language. Now we’re excited to tell you that this feature is now in public preview.

Learn more on this page of Power Apps blog.

Power Apps | ProDev| Add Code to your custom Connector | Public Preview

Custom connector developers can now add C# code directly within the Custom Connector wizard! This new experience is currently available in public preview.

Prior to this new experience, payload transformations were limited to policy templates. Now, you can support more transformation scenarios without having to worry about hosting your code. Some examples include:
  • sending external requests to fetch additional data
  • complex body, query, header, and status transformations
  • handling pagination and many more!
Learn more on this page of Power Automate blog.

Power Apps | Monitoring | Log plug-in telemetry to your Application Insights resource
  • When you opt-in to the Application Insights integration described in the earlier Announcing Monitor model-driven apps using Application Insights (Preview) post, you can also use the new Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.PluginTelemetry.ILogger Interface in your plug-in code.
  • You should use ILogger because it allows telemetry for events that occur within a plug-in to be integrated with the larger scope of data captured with the Application Insights integration.
  • The ITracingService available for plug-ins has never been intended to provide a telemetry solution. It is intended to facilitate debugging runtime errors. With ILogger, you can capture true telemetry data that will persist for as long as you choose to retain it. This data will allow you to capture metrics over time and use Application Insights capabilities to view and analyze the data. You can configure alerts to be sent when specified conditions occur.
To learn more, go to Write Telemetry to your Application Insights resource using ILogger (Preview).

Learn more about our service and guidance on this page of Dynamics 365 Customer Engineer on the Field blog.

Product Roadmap | Explore Dynamics 365 and Power Platform product roadmap

Product Updates | Learn more
Dynamics 365 | Administer Apps in Dynamics 365 | Videos and PowerPoint Presentations

Check-out these on-demand videos for best practices in Administering Apps in Dynamics 365:
You can check the various topics covered on this page on Microsoft docs.

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