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jonas rapp: Five ways to improve Quality and Productivity of Dynamics 365 development

a.k.a - Once I did a session twice

Just like last year in Lisbon, I did a developer focused session during eXtreme365 in Dubrovnik. Last year I had full focus on how to develop plugins for analysis, primarily using the Plug-in Trace Log in the code and how to best analyze the results of it.
This year I took a bit wider approach we an ambition to help developers become more productive and get higher quality of their code. In this article I will go through the five different areas I covered in the session.

The presentation can be viewed and downloaded from SlideShare on this link.

Five ways

There are of course many different approaches that can help your development and just as many opinions as there are developers, but I focused on the following five areas:
  1. Visual Studio Extensions
    Customizing Visual Studio for Dynamics 365 development
  2. C# Extensions
    Get more functionality from standard SDK types
  3. Base Classes
    Generalize behavior and structure of plugin classes
  4. VSTS Build Extensions
    Automate CI / CD for the Dynamics 365 platform
  5. XrmToolBox helping out
    A few tools to take your development the last kilometer
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