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survivingcrm: PowerApps “Starter” Plans Capabilities Demystified

Being pure platform licenses, the PowerApps Plan 1 and Plan 2 allow the usage of an unlimited number of custom entities in CDS. Both the Team Member as well as the Professional licenses for Dynamics 365 carry a 15 custom entity restriction (per app), so obviously the extensibility of the data model is far better with the $7 P1 license than with a $65 Sales Professional license. This is one of the key reasons why I tend to say that nobody should buy the Dynamics 365 Professional licenses.

In the age of Power Platform you’d be foolish to only buy the single Dynamics 365 app and lock yourself out of the use cases for digitally transforming the unique processes that you company has. You know, the ones where there isn’t yet “an app for that” but where it can be very easily built with the no-code/low-code tools like PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.